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Illegibilus: Adrianne Scarlette by CoraFeltMarker Illegibilus: Adrianne Scarlette by CoraFeltMarker
So it seems that this blonde 14 year old girl named Adrianne is my go-to HP Character. Good thing, because I like her. I hope others do too! And besides that, I'm working with a new-ish style here. I shifted into this a little while ago, but sort of left it. Now my style is (at least I'm attempting) sort of shifting between anime and (hopefully) realism. But not pure realism because that's no fun (for me at least. Real noses and mouth's are hard. But besides the rant about stuff, without further ado (is it ado or adieu? Well, either way) I present to you Adrianne Scarlette 
Also, this is for :iconillegibilus: I hope she is good enough!
▴  1000 House Points
▴ Finis Badge

ɤ   ›NAME:

           ▴ Adrianne Scarlette

ɤ   ›AGE: 

           ▴ 15

ɤ   ›GENDER:
           ▴ Lady (not very lady-like though)


           ▴ 5'5" / 112 lbs


          ▴ Half-American/ Half-English 


           ▴ May 29 th

ɤ   ›HOUSE:

              ▴ Gryffindor

ɤ   ›YEAR:

              ▴ 4th


            ▴ core- dragon heart-string

           ▴wood- ebony

           ▴length- 11 inches

           ▴Flexibility- Pliant 


           ▴ protego- Creates a shield from the caster's wand which deflects jinxes, hexes, and curses

           ▴ stupefy- temporarily stuns an opponent, rendering them inert for a few precious seconds

           ▴ reducto- Causes a solid object to explode spectacularly

           ▴ episkey- A simple healing charm, capable of restoring minor injuries


               ▴elective classes-
                     1. Study of Ancient Runes
                     2. Divination 

               ▴extra curricular- Ancient Studies

                   ɤ   ›PERSONALITY:

            ▴ | Brave | Impulsive | Headstrong | Blunt | Adventurous | Friendly | Overprotective 

        Adrianne can be seen as a rash, bold girl. Always willing to speak her mind, she sticks with what she feels, and says what she thinks is right. Always up for a challenge, she’d always ready for a good competition. Very close to her friends, it is a secret fear that they will leave her in the dust one day, just because they’re tired of her. However, until that day comes, she’ll remain as loyal as a dog. Mess with them, you get Adrianne’s worst. Hang with them, Adrianne is added to your list of friends.

    Adrianne will always speak her mind when she feels it is right. She has learned from experience to trust her own gut over the words of others, and even herself sometimes. If she feels an issue has arisen, she will address it, as quickly as possible, straight at the source. Though some may take this bluntness a bit harshly, she usually has no malicious intent, she has just learned from her mother that " it is better to hurt someone in a small does by telling the truth rather than hurting them so much more when you lie. If they are a true friend, they will see the intent and all will be forgiven."

    Always daring and ready to go, Adrianne is always up for an adventure. Although she would seem like brawn over brains, Adrianne is actually very well versed in the arts of ancients. A bit of an oddball girl, she chooses to test her limits while still trying to maintain the respect of those around her. When it comes to dealing with romantic situations, she really has no idea what to do. Everyone is a friend to Adrianne until there is a reason for him or her not to be. This friendly disposition is what Adrianne has used to maintain a calm aura around her actually slightly crazy personality.

    Even though Adrianne is a generally kind girl, she is ready for a prank. Having immense amounts of practice from her summers pranking the muggles of her community, she is equally skilled i magic pranks as well as manual ones. She even has her own 'code' that she lives by. 
                   ɤ   ›HISTORY:

    Adrianne’s mother, Maria, attended Hogwarts as a girl, and  years after she had graduated, she met a muggle in a bar, and they immediately hit it off. He may have not been a wizard, but he was everything she wanted in a man. And so, they were eventually wed and late had a single daughter, whom they had named Adrianne.

    As a child, Adrianne went to school with the other muggle children, not really caring about wizarding. Yes, she learned a few simple tricks from her mother around the house, but she promised that she would never use them outside of home. When she was seven years old, she had a best friend. The best of all besties. As in, we-share-all-our-secrets-with-each-other. Bad choice, as the girl learned of Adrianne’s ability to do magic. After this, the girl refused to speak to Adrianne, and told all of her little seven-year-old friends to stay away from her. And so, for the rest of the year, little Adrianne was miserable. In the last month of her public schooling, her mother pulled her out of school and homeschooled her. There she was free to learn whatever she pleased (or what her mother saw fit), including magic.

During this time, Adrianne's father got a call from his family. There was going to be a family reunion (a large one mind you), and they wanted him back in Michigan. So, the whole family came. While they were there the Scarlettes felt free of prejudice. Adrianne was still being homeschooled by her mother (her grandparents had allowed the three to stay with them. They had a large house with two people). Adrianne's father continued teaching while Adrianne's mother stayed with her. For the next four years she was a happy little girl.  Around the time of her tenth birthday, Adrianne mother wished to go back home to England. And so, her husband Adrianne and Maria said their goodbyes and got ready to return home to Britain. Maria had hoped the children of their little village would be nicer to their daughter now that she had been away for about three years, but when they returned, parents still refused to let Adrianne play with their children. Then, when Adrianne turned eleven she got an acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Although she was sad to leave, she was happy that she’d be able to school with girls and boys that knew magic just like her.

    The first year at Hogwarts was heaven for Adrianne. Finally, finally, she had found a place where she belonged. It felt as if all the pressure of her childhood need to disappear into the crowd faded away. She felt no more need to hide what she could do. That was weird in this world. The first two years were a bit of a blur for her, but she finally was happy.

    Every summer she’d return home, happier every year. The neighborhood kids who had aged into teens with her looked at her funny, they all knew her secret by now, some just didn’t believe it. The myth of magic faded, but she was labeled the village weirdo. Didn’t matter because at the end of the summer as she packed up all of things for the next school year, she’d open her window and sing as she flipped them off. She would leave for Hogwarts the next day, grinning ear to ear.



ɤ   ›VOICE:

            ▴ Sarah Silverman [Vanellope]… (except slightly less squeaky)




           ▴ ancient art

           ▴ turtles

           ▴ apples


           ▴ country music

           ▴ scorching heat

           ▴ her forehead

  ɤ   ›FAMILY:

            ▴  Maria Johnson Scarlette- mother

           ▴ Phil Scarlette- father

            Amy: Holy crap! This girl is awesome! So cool, so collected. Awesome upperclassman. She's awesome. That is all.

            Necalli: Nelli is super cool. I think I might scare him a little. Or I weird him out. One or the other. But still, he's really cool and kind of cute too. Also, he's like the exact opposite of what I've been told Slytherins are. I hope we can be closer. I know I think of him as a friend.

            Zia: She's so cute! And kind. She's helped me with my homework and is super kind. 

            Quin: ... I think I met her? I was kind of asleep when she met me. [Adrianne thinks she's a seventh year]

            Keely: She seems cool. I kinda got on her case for bothering a firstie. Although she totally agrees with my code. I hope she stops bothering them. Unless rude and deserving, firsties are off limits for pranks.

            Emerson: He seems cool?

            Tristan: He's nice enough. He spilled stuff on me, but we're cool now.

             ▴Elise: ... [ they haven't 'met' yet. However she's following Adrianne. It's kind of creepy]


           ▴her father is a college professor in ancient languages, so she had a love for the old languages and runes

           ▴ her father is actually from America, but he met her mother and chose to live in England with  his wife and their daughter Adrianne

           ▴ she is very self-conscious about her forehead, considers it large. However, she has given up on trying to cover it up

          ▴ while Adrianne excels in her Ancient Studies classes, she has no such luck whatsoever when it comes to Herbology. Or planting of any sort. 

   ɤ   ›PET (optional):

                 ▴ N/A


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